Raspy, expressive vocals meet with a colourful bounce of a beat for this uplifting new single from Ade Adu. Despite the acoustic guitar image – Ade being a renowned indie solo performer – there’s actually a noteworthy electronic production quality to this single. The completed piece offers multiple layers of detail and optimism, which essentially help reinforce the love and longing nature of the lyrics.” - Rebecca Cullen

Stereo Stickman Magazine

Ade Adu is a fresh new artist with a focus on combining the intimacy of acoustic music with the great melodies of pop. What makes Ade Adu special is the fact that the act’s music is more than just a version of something else: it has a unique sound, that has its roots but also something different and special that truly makes it stand out from the rest of what’s out there.”

The Bandcamp Diaries

Local music enthusiasts may know Mr. Adu — a man who spent his much of his youth living in Lagos, Nigeria — has brought his pop-acoustic sound; scratchy yet distinguished vocals; and his culture-driven style to many of the Southern Tier’s watering holes and university rathskellers since 2009.” - Kelsey Boudin

Olean TImes Herald